Why Does Design Cost So Much?





My Stomach is actually sinking a little bit as I write this. For me, talking about money is simply just gut wrenchingly terrible. I hate everything about it. And I have to quote people for money all the time. (it’s particularly terrible over zoom let me tell ya) 

But all important things tend to be uncomfortable. And like most things, every time you talk about it it gets easier. So today, I wanted to provide more conversation around why working with a designer can be so expensive. Sharing the behind the scenes work (that you never actually see) and the processes that go into it all (that you also don’t see).

There’s a lot of time spent tweaking, erasing, and researching. 

You know that super minimal, super simple logo you love and want? While it may be simply beautiful, it takes a lot to get there. A lot of initially bad designs and hundreds of tiny edits to get it to perfection. All of those unseen edits take up alot of time. 

You may only be presented with 3 concepts, but trust me that there are about 30 other concepts behind it that you won’t see. 

That one of a kind magic thing.

Typically, as designers we have (or should have) that thing that makes us exponentially special and wildly unique. Whether it be our approach, unique style, special client process, or particular experiences- you’re paying for that stand out thing. 

For me I consider my funky art background and soulful artful approach my one of a kind character. I believe life should be lived uniquely to each person living it. I believe in color. pattern. And I believe in providing my clients with a 5, no- a 7 star experience that makes every step feel luxurious, thoughtful, and worth it.

Design has permanet value.

Something that’s really important to me is sharing the message that design is more than a “sit still look pretty” part of your business. It’s a living, breathing, STRATEGIC part of your business and your success. It DIRECTLY affects drawing in your target audience, sales, and building trust with your audience + potential customers/clients. Basically design impacts your moo-la. It’s an investment that leads to growth in all areas of your business. So keep that in mind when you see that bigger price tag! Remember that you’re not paying for that one time beautiful work, you’re investing in a lasting strategy to grow your business. 

We’ve got Expenses Too

Keeping a business running is no joke. Tools, Marketing Resources, Softwares, Fonts, all that fun stuff! To keep providing you with top of the line designs and work we gotta still be able to pay those bills! 


Money and pricing can be an icky and hard thing to talk about. Most designers (like me) offer payment plans to make the investment feel easier and lighter. I like to make my payment plans as flexible as possible for my clients and ensure that we both feel good about it! 

All in all, be open about talking prices with your designer. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to chat with them about why they believe in their prices and what the value of design is! 

Cheers to honest conversations and open-ness about pricing! We love to hear it!


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