Why Design is Always the Answer




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From the constant overflow of instagram posts telling you how to make it to 6 figures and the abundance of facebook groups sharing their tips to “make it big”, running an online business can feel incredibly draining and confusing sometimes.

I too, feel this constant pressure to do this and do that in order to be successful, make enough money, and be happy. 5 minutes on instagram is enough to send me into a panic spiral. 

So, basically, I’m right there with you!

And as much as I know community, content, copy, and consistency is important (ooh alliteration, she’s a fancy girl) you cannot sell, book, or get hired without an effective brand identity. PROMISE. Your brand needs to be Hercules level strong. Why? Here are 3 reasons why design is typically always the answer

We are visually driven people.

We make a lot of our decisions based on what we see and what we feel. And a lot of the time (maybe most of the time) what we feel is directly impacted by what we see. 

Let me put it simply. People will decide to purchase from you/hire you based on how you make them feel about you. And you CAN decide how you want them to feel about you based on your visual brand identity. Sorry for all of the buzzwords but it’s true!

Design has the ability to tell your story.

Design has the ability to manipulate (in the best way) and tell your story exactly how you want to be seen- if it’s done the right way! 

Your brand identity should be created with the intention to solve your audience’s internal problems, make your audience feel a certain way, and authentically reflect your goals. 

Design can solve real life problems.

I am wildly fascinated and passionate about the inner workings of people and design and how the two are intertwined. In my brand strategy process, we take a deep (talking barrier reef deep, here people) look at your audience’s decision making, insecurities and motives. This ensures that the brand identity we create directly correlates to how your people think, work, and live. 

This is the ONLY way to attract your audience and solve problems in your business. Design is a sneaky little thing and eliminates your need to hustle, scream and reach for clients/customers. When you have an effective brand identity with a deep rooted strategy behind it, it does all the work. And you can have time for that mani cure and movie you’ve been dying to see.

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