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brand identity & BRAND DESIGN

Creating a brand that’s as spunky, unique and full of soul as you. 

when done with the SAME amount of SPIRIT AS A FULL DRUM LINE, DESIGN IS THE TOOL THAT CAN COMPLETELY CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS. MY BRANDING PROCESS IS AN IN DEPTH STRATEGIC APPROACH TO CREATING A scarily smart (yet beautiful) visual system to help you communicate your vision clearer & stand out against competitors.


timeline 2-3 months


what does it include?

lattes on deck because we're going deep. before putting pen to paper, we'll go through an in depth strategy session to uncover the desires, drives, and internal problems of your audience and business. it's the secret sauce of this thing.

all of that juciy dish we just uncovered about your audience and your business? it doesn't just sit there. I put together creative solutions and brand strategy into what i call the brand guidebook. it's what guides the development and design of your brand.

i take all that we learned and strategized to create a spell bindingly genius and beautiful brand. from logos, submarks, patterns, colors, illustration, and collateral; i'll create a brand full of depth and flexibility. it's where all the magic comes together.

being thrown a list of logos and a combination of colors doesn't feel great, does it? that's why I put together highly educational in-depth brand style guides to guide you through how to use your new brand. Setting you up for beauty and success.

brand strategy session

brand map

full brand idenTity

brand style guide

this service is best for:

1-2 year businesses

Businesses having a hard time standing out in their industry 

The business ready to throw their DIY logo out the window

brand identity & web design

You’ve got that incredible five star business ready and it’s time to build a website that screams, “You’d be lost without me!”. 

a captivating, intriguing website that actually converts? it's not so far off. my custom website design process takes the brand package a step further by building you a striking online home infused with the magic & strategy of your brand's one of a kind design. it's time to make a website that people want to come back to,


timeline 2-3 months


what does it include?

first you'll go through my brand strategy & mapping process to create that talk-of-the-town kind of brand, from there, we'll dive into the nitty gritty strategy and steps to building your show stepping website.

all good things take some thought, referring back at our initial brand strategy, we'll look at the specifics we need to create a website that your specific audience will fall deeply and madly in love with.

designing a website infused with personality, strategy, and authenticity is my middle name. I'll build your website after the design has been finally approved, either in showit or prophoto. you'll have full access to it all once I'm done.

putting my tech support hat on for this step. i'll make sure your site is functioning, live, and techincally sound before passing it over so you don't have to worry about a thing. I also make a training video for you on the in's and out's of using your site so you don't feel lost without me.

full brand identity

website strategy

website design

website installation

this service is best for:

1-3 year businesses 

Businesses ready to go to the next level of revenue 

The business having a hard time standing out in their industry

Businesses struggling to get a response from their website


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