the strategy

Jessica buongiorno is a success coach guiding clients through finding their inner wisdom. jessie's goal as a coach it to create a space that is calm, safe, and serene for her clients. her holistic approach to life coaching allows for clients to unlock parts of themselves they didn't know possible.

we wanted to create a space for her clients that felt calming and safe. JEssie's approach to life coaching is holistic, meaning that she doesn't just solve the surface level problem. She digs deep into your past, habits, and routines to uncover what might actually be standing in your way and how you got there. this work can be intimidating and overwhelming to participate in. therefore, it was important to create an instantaneous feeling of safety and calm. 


Creating an unforgettable experience for her clients from start to finsih was crucial. In a world of coaches, teachers, and educators, it can be overwhelming to know who to trust. (or know if you can ever trust anyone) To position jessie as a trustworthy authority figure in the industry, her brand needed to feel elevated, one of a kind, and consistent. 

staying away from traditional bold and loud "coach-y" brands, we instead chose a color palette that felt serene and ethereal to nod to her holistic and gentle approach.  

Most people seeking out a coach already feel overwhelmed with anxiety and uncertainty. but jessica buongiorno coaching is the serenity and relief that they've been looking for. Through hand drawn natural textures, light typography, and refreshing colors, we created a brand that felt like that the most satisfying lift of weight off your shoulders, plus a giant sigh. 

scroll below to see the intricate and intentional details of the design elements,