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Everyone claims to love standing out and being different. I truly believe that whatever you are doing, you bring something different to the table. My dad used to tell me, “no one can do what you do precisely the way you do it.” I think about this every time I work with a new client. I am always awe struck by their missions, goals, and values. My jaw drops to the floor every time because out of the billions of people in the world, I get to work with people doing wildly unique work (even in very saturated industries). 

In short; my job is to help you pull out the things that make you different, uncover them, and showcase them creatively. The strategy is in what you already have. 

Whether it be through color, type, imagery, etc, my goal is to take that differentiating factor of yours and help you lean into it with ambition and creativity. 

Just to give you a little taste of how I do it and why I do, I’m sharing 3 ways of how to actually stand out online. (Because we all know it’s pretty impossible these days)

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1 | No more fork logos

What do I mean by this? Well…Do some industry research. (or I bet you already know of some industry pet peeves.) Look into common design patterns in your industry. Find what annoys you about them, what you don’t like and what rubs you the wrong way. And well, do the opposite of that. If you’re in the children’s business then please no more hand painted rainbow drawings. Or if you own a restaurant, stay away from any fork logos. PLEASE. 

Basically, stand out just for being wildly different than everyone else. 

 2 | Stay Consistent

Keep your imagery, style, aesthetic, etc. super consistent. From your website to your social media everything should feel the same. This may seem like a pretty simple tip but you’d be surprised how many businesses are unknowingly confusing people because they can’t keep things consistent across the board. Especially if you haven’t invested in a professional designer yet and are DIY-ing it, do your best to keep things even. It makes you feel/look more professional and clean across the board. 

03 | Don’t be afraid of a little color

A controversial opinion over here maybe but don’t be afraid of a little color. I believe that life should be fun and colorful. People are attracted to what makes them feel good. My only tip would be to make sure you don’t overwhelm them. Find one or two colors that feel in line with your business and roll with those. Don’t feel like you have to go big or go home with the colors. All I’m saying is a little goes a long way. 

I’d love to know if you found these helpful or fun tips. Leave a comment below to let me know what you think! Xx – Riley

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