about the project

WHEN INITIALLY starting to run worth it full time, it was my dream to work with a wellness and plant based recipe blog. so i decided to dream up one myself.

doop; standing for "dupe' (aka doop-ing your favorite recipes), is a fun, health obsessed corner of the internet designed to ignite you with inspiration to live vibrantly, colorfully, and fully through your daily food and life choices. 

unlike the rest of the health/wellness industry, i didn't want anything to feel too literal but artistically hidden. the design elements are blown up shapes of carrot tops and peas.

to create a brand that felt like it was "for everyone" despite your health journey, I didn't want to throw literal drawings of fruits and vegetables in your face. So instead I hid them to create a widly bold, whimsical and fun brand. scroll below to see the details, collateral, and website from one of my favorite passion projects to date.