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If you’re new here, hi! And if you’re returning, thanks for being here. Regardless of how long you’ve been here I thought it’d be a perfect time to walk through the nooks and crannies of my client process. (it’s a good one, promise)

When approaching how I wanted my clients to experience working with me, I knew I wanted the client to feel just as excited as I was and I wanted them to feel treated/served like the queen/king they already are. 

I could go on and on about how important my client process is to my business but I figured I should actually walk through it instead of blabbing about how great it is.

Today I’m taking you through the signature Worth It Approach process as if you were one of my clients!

Inquiry Call:

First up is the inquiry call. After you contact me about your project, I’ll send you a super cool inquiry call link for you to schedule time with me on my calendar (all about ease here people)!

During your initial inquiry call we talk through all of the things you are looking for, where you’re at in your business, where you’re wanting to go, ya know; the fun stuff! We talk through timelines, process, and pricing. Every project is a little different so I always put together a custom proposal to send you! (again, all about ease)

The Proposal:

Like I said, sending a custom proposal is a must. I want to create ease, full knowledge of expectation, and five star treatment for every one of my clients. The proposal outlines things like timelines, payment plans (ya, I gotchu!) and project tangibles. It’s a sort of guide map to what you can expect for your project.

The Strategy Session:

After you sign on as an official Worth It Approach client (post contract and 20% deposit) (also YAY) we head into prepping for your strategy session!

You’ll fill out an initial questionnaire of questions about your business, problems you’re looking to solve, and your industry. I’ll go over this information, do some research about you + your industry (hi Instagram stalking and google binging) and put together your custom strategy session slide deck.

The strategy session is an in-depth 2 hour zoom call where we go deep inside your brand goals, target audiences, and the internal thinking of the demographic and psychographic of your people. We’ll uncover the internal and external problems of your audience to determine which design solutions are needed in order to make them your RAVING fan. It’s really good stuff.

The Brand Carryall:

I’ll take all of this juicy brainstorm and mouth watering knowledge of your audience and put it into this amazingly cool, forever useful thing called a brand carryall. 

A brand carryall is your road map to your brand’s strategy. From competition analysis, audience persona, brand goals, brand words, and a branded path; it seriously has it all. This will outline the design strategy and approach we’ll be taking for your business, so that way when it comes to designing- we’ll be doing it with purpose and intention.

Mood Boards:

I mean, how could you pass up an opportunity for a good mood board? I would never! I put together 3 mood boards to send my clients varying in direction and color palettes.

Initial Concepts:

It’s time to begin the designing! This is where we make all of those strategies come to life in the form of logos, brand elements and what we call your identity. Everything that VISUALLY makes up your brand. 

Initially I sent out 3 different logo concepts, each with a specific goal and intention in mind. Varying on the project or strategy sometimes the concepts are similar due to a very specific goal and sometimes the concepts are drastically different due to a decision we need to make about how we want other people to feel about your brand. 

See, I told you there was a lot more to a brand than just a logo. 

Hopefully, one of these directions catches your fancy and from there we move forward with that direction and tweak it to perfection. But sometimes we need to evolve two and decide from there. Oh, the crazy wild world of design!

Design Elements:

It’s time for all those textures, patterns, illustrations, etc. Now that we’ve chosen your logo concept it’s time to design those additional elements that will really just bring it over the top. I might be partial but this is my favorite part of the process. 

I’ve leaned more towards the artistic side so this part of the process strikes my artist chord and really makes me fall in love with design every time.

Website Strategy:

After all of your brand elements are done, it’s time to move into the website strategy session! This part of the process obviously depends on if my clients choose to move forward with a website or not! If we’re building out a website we first start with a strategy session! 

It’s not as in depth as the brand strategy session we did at the beginning but we plan your wireframe, certain features you’re looking for and map out any other things you might be looking for in your site!

Website Design:

The website design process could be split into another set of 10 steps but in order to save you the headache I’ll make it one. From an initial home page design to full live website development, I do it all. This design process runs through several rounds and stages ensuring that your site is up to every level of perfection you’re looking for.

Collateral & Training:

For every client project, you get to choose 2 collateral items to be designed. It could be a freebie, email newsletter template, or business card (and anything else you might need)

This is the last step of the process. So in order to tie things up perfectly, I send you over a training package email! This includes links to all of your files, PDFs, and EVERYTHING you need to successfully use your brand in the future (including a top of the line style guide). And to ensure you know how to use it, I create a training video walking you through the in’s and out’s of your tangibles!  

And don’t worry that won’t be goodbye forever. I tend to work with all of my clients on an ongoing basis after that! This can look like email designs, more collateral designs, or another website even! It all depends! But the important thing to note is that I am deeply invested in every client relationship! Put my hair in pigtails and hand me a megaphone because I am about to be your biggest cheerleader!

There are so many small parts of the process in between but these are the most notable steps of it all! Every project is different and everyone’s needs vary but I love getting to take my clients through an exciting, fun, and one of a kind experience!

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