A Letter to the Confused Business Owner




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Dear Confused Business Owner,

There is a lot of noise out there. Noise about how to solve {INSERT BLANK}. Make money quick. Strategize. Plan. Succeed. It can be deafening to look for answers on how to handle the wildness of running a business. I get it. Somedays, the noise is just too much that it feels like anything I am trying or working on just won’t do it. 

Sure, there are strategies, plans, important things we can be doing to do better, make more sales, and excel. I’m sure of it. But what I’m more sure of is that we won’t succeed when we’re just doing what everyone else is doing. 

If email newsletters aren’t your thing, just don’t do them. 

If instagram doesn’t feel right for you, you don’t have to do it.

If a blogging feels out of line with your business model, again, don’t do it.

I am no business coach, expert, or really anyone to be giving that advice. And honestly I hope to never be in a position to be giving advice like that because there’s a high probability I’m wrong. But beating my own drum has worked in my favor for a little bit now.

When you put your head, do what feels right deep in your heartbeat, and quietly work away at that thing – you’re bound for success. You’ve already got that one of a kind thing goin’ on. Just turn off the noise, let the strategy schemes fall off your shoulder, and do what your wildly unique self was put here to do. Simple is better.

Xoxo – Riley

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