3 Signs you’re Ready for a Rebrand




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When working with clients, I typically work with businesses who are in their first 1-2 years of business. (there have been some special amazing ones who are just starting) Whether officially or unofficially, working with businesses who already have some feet under them means we can solve their problems with precision and accuracy. And typically when you hit that 1-2 year mark, you know it’s time for a little face lift. Especially if you started with a DIY logo and “just slap it together” type website. 

So today, I’m sharing 3 signs you’re ready for a rebrand. However you want to consider this, consider it as a little (big) poke that it might be time for something new.

Your current branding doesn’t align with the top of the line work you’re doing

More than likely you started your business just hoping to get by. You needed something fast, easy, and for the most part got the job done! And that is more than okay. But you’ve got a bit of your business under you now and you’re growing exponentially. You’ve poured so much into this business and you’re eager to let it grow more but you’re not sure how and you don’t want to fail. Your work is top of the line but your presentation, social media, website, etc. doesn’t feel in line with that at all. You want to raise your prices, create status, and well, make a lot of dough (that’s not a bad thing to want, promise). These feelings and internal stirrings are all signs that you’re ready for a rebrand.

You’re growing in clients/customers and starting to outgrow your old ways/visions/branding

You may be at the point in your business where the thought of growing and expanding sounds so wonderfully exciting but the current state of  your website and brand just doesn’t feel like it could take you there. This is probably the BEST place to be in when considering a rebrand. You already have industry experience to gage what problems you need solved in your business and you have the vision to know where you want to go. And growth can’t come from somewhere that doesn’t feel in line with you!

You’re having a hard time standing out in your industry

You find yourself slumped in with the rest of the photographers, creatives, etc. out there! People are overlooking you and what you have to offer because you look the same as everyone else!

Most likely you’re missing out on some great opportunities because you’re blending in with the rest of the online businesses that all suffer with falling into pits of the same style, messaging, and approach! It’s your time to stand out & be different.

I hope this spoke to the place you’re in and acted as a little encouragement for something new. And whether you think you’re ready for that rebrand or not, I am cheering you on with giant confetti cannons and a supportive cup of coffee from my work from home sweatpants to yours!

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